Don’t miss our webinar: Using Social Ads to Increase Reach and Revenue

Social ads are part of a winning social strategy
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Using Social Ads to Increase Reach and Revenue

Thursday, 23rd February, 2017
10am Singapore / 1pm Sydney

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More than ever, marketers are using paid social ads as part of their existing strategy to reach an even larger audience. And with good reason—paid social ads work!

But, if you’re not properly targeting, testing, and optimising those ads, you could be flushing precious time and money down the drain.

In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • Trends related to social ads in 2017
  • The role that paid social ads play in a successful social strategy
  • How to use social ads to increase your reach, revenue, and leads
  • New, exciting Hootsuite solutions to help you create amazing paid social ads

If this time doesn't work for you, register now and we’ll send you a link to the webinar recording once it’s ready.


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