Notice of Policy Updates

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Notice of Policy Updates
Dear Larry E. Stiers:

We are making some changes to the PayPal User Agreement, PayPal Privacy Policy, PayPal Here Agreement and the PayPal Website Payments Pro and Virtual Terminal Agreement that will go into effect on March 29, 2017. If you're interested in more detail, please visit our Policy Updates Page. Updates include:
  • We're updating the list of items that will not be eligible for PayPal Purchase Protection or Seller Protection.
  • We're revising the set off rights by removing the 180 day past due requirement.
  • We're updating our list of restricted activities.
  • We're notifying you of the movement and processing of information to cloud-based service providers.
  • We've updated the "Payment Method Used for My Transaction" section to describe changes that give you more control and choice in how you want to pay.
  • We're changing some of the fees we charge.
These changes, along with the others detailed on our Policy Updates Page , will become effective March 29, 2017 for all U.S. users. We encourage you to review the Policy Update and familiarize yourself with the changes that are being made. If you do not agree to these amendments, you may close your account before March 29, 2017.

Thank you for being a PayPal customer.

Please do not reply to this email. We are unable to respond to inquiries sent to this address. For immediate answers to your questions, visit our Help Center by clicking "Help" located on any PayPal page or email.

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